Exporting a Lecture to Microsoft PowerPoint

In order to view a lecture offline (when you can't rely on having an internet connection to Almagest), you can export a lecture as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. For instructions on creating lectures, see Creating a Lecture.

To open Lecture Builder:

  1. From the Almagest home page, select your course (project) from the Project List, and click Go. Your project's home page will be displayed.

  2. From the Contribute section in the side menu, select Lecture Builder. The Lecture Builder tool will open in a separate window, and the Manage Lectures page will be displayed. This page provides a list of any lectures already saved to your course (project).

To export to PowerPoint:

  1. Check the checkbox for the lecture you want to export to PowerPoint.

  2. Select Tools, Export to PPT.
    (or Tools, Export to PPTX, for the newer PowerPoint 2007 format.)

  3. Wait for your PowerPoint to be generated. When complete, a link will appear in the window.

  4. Click on presentation file link (filename.ppt).

  5. Click Open to open the .ppt file in MS PowerPoint, or click Save to save the .ppt file to a location that you specify.
    Note that different browsers present different options for opening and saving.

You can also generate a PowerPoint file from within the Build Lecture page of Lecture Builder by following steps 2 through 5 above, or by clicking on one of the Export buttons in the toolbar (either PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007, depending on which format you would like.)

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