Pyne Honor Prize, The,

Pyne Honor Prize, The, established in 1921 by Mrs. May Taylor Moulton Hanrahan and named for her cousin M. Taylor Pyne, is awarded annually by the president on Alumni Day to that member of the senior class who has most clearly manifested excellent scholarship and effective support of the best interests of the University. It is the highest general distinction conferred upon an undergraduate.

Among those awarded the prize in earlier years were Charter Trustee H. Chapman Rose '28, President Robert F. Goheen '40, and United States Senator Paul S. Sarbanes '54. Reflecting the larger undergraduate body and the greater diversity of its interests, the prize in recent years has sometimes been shared by two or three seniors. Howard W. Bell, Jr. '70 was the first black to receive the prize, and Marsha H. Levy '73, the first woman.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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