The Putnam Collection of Sculpture

The Putnam Collection of Sculpture is a memorial to John B. Putnam, Jr. '45, Lieutenant U.S.A., who was killed in World War II. It consists of the works of twenty major twentieth-century sculptors purchased in 1969 and 1970 through a fund given by an anonymous donor.

The sculptors represented in the Collection, their works, and the location of these works follow:


Reg Butler, The Bride, in Hamilton Court.
Alexander Calder, Five Disks: One Empty, on the plaza between Fine and Jadwin Halls.
Jacob Epstein, Albert Einstein, in the Fine Hall Library.
Naum Gabo, Spheric Theme, between 1879 Hall and Architecture Building.
Michael Hall, Mastodon VI, in front of MacMillan Building.
Gaston Lachaise, Floating Figure, in the Compton Quadrangle, Graduate College.
Jacques Lipchitz, Song of the Vowels, between Firestone Library and the University Chapel.
Clement Meadmore, Upstart II, at entrance to Engineering Quadrangle.
Henry Moore, Oval with Points, between West College and Stanhope Hall.
Masayuki Nagare, Stone Riddle, in the courtyard of Engineering Quadrangle.
Louise Nevelson, Atmosphere and Environment X, at the Nassau Street entrance to the Campus near Firestone Library.
Isamu Noguchi, White Sun, in the lobby of Firestone Library.
Eduardo Paolozzi, Marok-Marok-Miosa, in the lobby of the Architecture Building.
Antoine Pevsner, Construction in the 3rd and 4th Dimension, in the courtyard of Jadwin Hall.
Pablo Picasso, Head of a Woman, in front of The Art Museum.
Arnaldo Pomodoro, Sfero, in the Lourie-Love dormitory quadrangle.
George Rickey, Two Planes Vertical Horizontal II, between East Pyne and Murray-Dodge.
David Smith, Cubi XIII, near Spelman Hall.
Tony Smith, Moses, on the front lawn of Prospect.
Kenneth Snelson, Northwood II, in Compton Quadrangle, Graduate College.

A recapitulation, arranged alphabetically by locations, follows:

Architecture Building lobby: Paolozzi
Architecture Building-Seventy-Nine Hall: Gabo
Art Museum front lawn: Picasso
Engineering Quadrangle: Meadmore, Nagare, Snelson
Fine Hall, library: Epstein
Fine-Jadwin plaza: Calder
Firestone plaza: Lipchitz
Firestone Library lobby: Noguchi
Firestone Library near Nassau Street: Nevelson
Graduate College, Compton Court: Lachaise
Hamilton Court: Butler
Jadwin Hall courtyard: Pevsner
Lourie-Love dormitory quadrangle: Pomodoro
MacMillan Building: Hall
Murray-Dodge: Rickey
Prospect lawn: Tony Smith
Spelman Hall: David Smith
West College-Stanhope Hall: Moore

These sculptures were selected by a committee of alumni who were directors or former directors of art museums: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. '21 (Museum of Modern Art), Thomas P. F. Hoving '53 (Metropolitan Museum of Art), P. Joseph Kelleher Ph.D. '47 (The Art Museum, Princeton University), William M. Milliken '11 (Cleveland Museum of Art). John B. Putnam, Jr. '45, who came to Princeton from Cleveland, Ohio, left college at the end of his sophomore year to enlist in the Army Air Corps. He made a brilliant record as a squadron flight leader with the Eighth Fighter Command in England, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with six Oak Leaf Clusters. He was killed in a crash in England shortly after D Day in 1944.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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