Murray-Dodge Hall

Murray-Dodge Hall consists of two buildings, joined by a cloister, each a memorial to a Princetonian who died young. Murray Hall was built in 1879 with a bequest left by Hamilton Murray 1872, who went down with the S.S. Ville de Havre when it sank in mid-ocean on November 22, 1873; he had written his will the night before he sailed. Dodge Hall was built in 1900 in memory of Earl Dodge 1879 (a former president of the student religious organization, the Philadelphian Society) who died five years after graduation, in 1884. The funds were given by his father William Earl Dodge, Jr., and his brother Cleveland H. Dodge 1879. Both buildings were originally used by the Philadelphian Society. Dodge Hall continues to be a center for religious activities, housing the offices of the dean and assistant dean of the chapel, the denominational chaplains, and various student religious and social service organizations. Murray Hall, once used for weekday chapel services, has since the 1920s been the home of Theatre Intime.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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