Green Hall

Green Hall is named for the founder of the School of Science, John C. Green. Built in 1927 from the design of Charles Z. Klauder, it was the home of the School of Engineering until 1963 when, with the completion of the Engineering Quadrangle, it was redesigned by Francis W. Roudebush '22 for the use of the Departments of Psychology and Sociology, previously located in Eno and 1879 Halls.

The new design entailed extensive remodeling and modernization, made possible by a National Science Foundation grant of $500,000 and matching University funds. A third story and a new wing were added and new floors were constructed within the old high-ceilinged laboratories, supplying considerably expanded library, classroom, office, and laboratory space. Also provided were a vivarium, a small anthropology museum, a computer room, and a faculty lounge, named for Herbert S. Langfeld, a former psychology department chairman.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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