Fine Hall,

Fine Hall, home of the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics, was dedicated in 1970 as a memorial to Henry Burchard Fine, the central figure in the early development of the mathematics faculty of the University. It replaced an older Fine Hall, built forty years earlier, which was renamed Jones Hall.

Fine Hall, which with its neighbor Jadwin Hall forms a center for mathematics and physics, is just west of Palmer Stadium. Fine Hall comprises a long three-story building, topped by a tower of ten additional floors. It is separated from Jadwin Hall by a plaza covering the underground joint mathematics-physics library.

The long, three-story section contains classrooms and graduate student offices and studies. On the third floor is a common room with portraits of Dean Fine and two earlier Princeton mathematicians, Walter Minto and Albert B. Dod. On the second floor are two study rooms named for Luther P. Eisenhart, Fine's successor as chairman of the Department of Mathematics, and Samuel S. Wilks, founder of the Department of Statistics.

The vertical lines of the tower counterbalance the horizontal mass of Jadwin Hall and provide a focal point for this architectural unit. Each floor of the tower, except the topmost, contains seven faculty offices and one seminar room. The entire top story is devoted to a professors' lounge, whose large picture windows afford panoramic views of the campus and the surrounding countryside.

Fine Hall was designed by Warner, Burns, Toan and Lunde of New York City, and together with Jadwin Hall won in 1966 an Award of Merit in the Architectural Design Award Program.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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