Campbell Field,

Campbell Field, one of the playing fields east of Palmer Stadium, was created in 1962 by his family and friends as a memorial to Tyler Campbell '43, who gave his life in the Second World War. All-American lacrosse defenseman, class president-elect and varsity club president-elect, Campbell left college at the end of his junior year to enlist in the army as a private in the mountain troops. Graduated from Officers' Candidate School as a 2nd lieutenant, he led his men on the invasion beachheads of Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, and southern France, was wounded twice and twice promoted in the field, reaching the grade of captain. He was killed in action in France while commanding an infantry company of the 7th Army, two years after leaving college. Edwin G. Baetjer II '43 and John Gregg Thomas, Jr. '43, Campbell's close friends and clubmates, also died in service.

From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978).

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