Court Club

Court Club was founded in 1921, with its members taking their meals at the Nassau Inn for the first year of the club's existence. In 1923, Court moved into the venerable building that had been constructed for Cottage Club in 1892 and that had since been occupied by both Tower Club and Cloister Inn. [32-62]
(This building had been moved to 89 Prospect when Cottage built its current clubhouse.)

In 1927, Court purchased the building and demolished it. At first, the club entertained plans for large Gothicized clubhouse [33-15]
similar in design to Cope and Stewardson's Ivy Club, but financial difficulties precluded the club from erecting such an ambitious structure all at once. Instead, the finished clubhouse [33-17]
featured only one wing, on the right, instead of the two originally conceived. This "missing" left wing accounts for the apparently odd placement of the entrance, far to the left on the facade. The choice of brick, meanwhile, echoed the new Key & Seal building next door.

The second wing was finally added to Court in 1955-56. The original plans from 1927 called for the second wing to mirror the first, much as the two wings on Ivy balance each other. But as built, the new wing was much lower than the original wing and featured a hipped instead of gabled roof. In addition, the entrance was moved from the facade to the side of the new wing. This added more space for the dining room, but marked another departure from the Ivy model.

Court Club ceased operations in 1964. Now part of Stevenson Hall, it serves as a University-operated dining facility.

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